Fourth of July cool shopping ideas

The American Independence Day, also known as Fourth July is one of the most important and widely celebrated patriotic national holidays of America. Though the independence declaration took place in 1776, it wasn’t until 1870 that the day was officially declared as a national holiday. Ever since, it has been celebrated all across America in every community in every state. During this time of the year the whole nation goes into the festive mood with picnic and BBQ taking place in every next corner, while during night time the sky gets dazzled with fireworks. But when it comes to festive, presents and shopping are a must and this one is no exception. So here are few shopping ideas for this summer festival to make your celebration more joyous and lively.

  • Tote bags
  • BBQ Set
  • T-shirt
  • Phone case
  • Party hats and mini flags

Bellow we explain a little more in details about each one of them:

1) Tote bags        

With summer coming in, everyone is getting ready for some outdoor fun, picnic and beach trip. But carrying those big chunky baskets could be bothersome. So this year swap those baskets for cute tote bags. For trips like these tote bags are really handy as you can store your food and beverage supply. You can also store other small accessories in it. Invest in one that is large enough to store all your stuff and you are good to go.

In case you are wondering where to get the catchy tote bag in the picture, here to your buy your catchy 4th July custom tote bag . Check out other handy tote bags on artishUp and get your loved ones personalized tote bags

2) BBQ Set:

Fourth of July isn’t complete without barbecue. Can’t really imagine anything that brings people together like this one does. It has been a part of the American culture and history while its roots go way back to the Native Americans. July fourth which falls in the middle of summer is time for people to come out of their shells and enjoy their time with the loved ones, friends & family. And BBQ is the best way for the cookout of Independence Day. So put a barbecue grill to your shopping list and get ready to prepare for some good ol’ American BBQ dishes.

3) T-shirt:               

So you have got all your things packed in your tote bag and also have your BBQ grill ready for the outdoor fun. Now, it is time for YOU to get ready. I get it, its summer and you are too lazy. But there’s always some extra room for some cool trendy t-shirts. Buy yourself and your family some matching t-shirts for the outdoor time. But then again, the big question, where to buy? Don’t worry. I have got you covered up. Get your perfect July fourth t-shirt from artishUp. Independence Day themed t-shirt? Check. Budget friendly & at affordable price point? Check. Wide variety? Check. You name it and artishUp has it. So don’t waste your time wondering over where to buy. Check out the fourth July t-shirt  collection. Head over to artishUp and pick up your desired t-shirt to shine at the party.

4) Phone case:                              

Independence Day is the time for rejoice and celebration and giving out to others is what makes celebration special. So why not gift your loved ones some present? Then again, picking up the right choice is tricky. But don’t worry. I have the perfect suggestion for the present which is cheap, not in quality but in price and at the same time, pretty special for the occasion; phone case. It is a nice gift when you think of it, because of the availability of a wide selection. To make it even easier for you to shop, I know the perfect place for it. The go to place for presents- artishUp. Here you can get a wide variety of options for cases. Not just those, but also the themed ones which will suit perfectly for the occasion just like the one shown in the image. Yeah, the image is not a random photo taken from internet. You can actually buy it. Don’t believe me? Here is the July 4th special phone case from artishUp.

5) Party hat and mini flags:

Now, this one does not come as a surprise. But in fact these two are must have ones on fourth July. After all it is the birthday of the USA. Party hats with red, blue, and white, the national flag colours will only add up to the occasion. Mini flags are great for decoration work and it is kids favourite as well. Show how big of a proud American you are by putting it on your shirt and carrying it around like a badge of honour. A mini flag is a must have on Independence Day so don’t forget to put it on your shopping list.


Fourth of July shows the best sides of America. From outdoor barbeque to ham burgers and hot dogs, from parade and marches to family gathering and picnics, from bonfires to games & contents, and the best of all; fireworks. No wonder it is the biggest holiday celebration in all of America when people of every community come together to celebrate the festive. So, make this year’s summer fun and exciting by buying your loved ones present from artishUp with their complete 4th July gift collection. What are you still waiting for? Get going and start preparing ahead of time for one of the biggest national holidays.