Gift ideas for father’s day

Every father is a hero in his child’s eyes. For his years of love and support he deserves nothing but the best. With father’s day right around the corner, what better way to celebrate your superhero’s special day than giving him a thoughtful gift.

But picking up the perfect gift can be a little tricky. It has to be something different yet practical when it comes to use. So to limit your struggle here’s 8 genuine gift ideas for you to pick from to show your dad your appreciation for his love and care.

  1. Grooming kit for the handsome dad
  2. Leather wallet and belt for the classic dad
  3. Phone case for the cool dad
  4. Hammock for the camper dad
  5. Tote bag for the family-guy dad
  6. Chronograph watch for the timely dad
  7. T-shirt for the trendy dad
  8. Running shoe for the sporty dad

Below we talk a little bit more about each one:

1. Grooming kit for the handsome dad:

Grooming is every man’s need, so giving a grooming kit as a gift can be pretty useful. Whether your dad still uses disposable razors and brand shaving creams, or he’s someone who takes his grooming task seriously, you can never go wrong with these gifts. From a complete shaving accessory to a face & skin care kit, from a beard care starter pack to a charcoal kit for face and body detox, choose your pick wisely to elevate your dad’s holiday grooming experience.

2. Leather wallet and belt for the classic dad:

A man’s attire isn’t complete without a belt or a wallet. Regardless of his age, whether he just got into parenting or been parenting for ages, these two gifts are for dads of all age group. So, consider gifting your dad an elegant formal belt or a luxurious leather wallet which will be a stylish addition to his accessory collection. Better if you could get your hands on a premium belt & wallet gift set for the classy dad to rock this season.

3. Phone case for the cool dad:

First two gift ideas exceeding your budget? No problem. Here’s a gift that will be both inexpensive and pretty useful - a nice phone case.

Today a phone case can be as important as any other accessory in your fashion arsenal. And we can’t let dad stay behind the game. This time buy him a cool phone case to flaunt around. But there’s plenty of option, so it could get pretty confusing. So, my personal suggestion would be to buy a trendy case from ArtishUp as they have a wide variety of collection and special father’s day cases at affordable price point. Check this dog father phone case:

4. Hammock for the camper dad:

Everyone loves camping and outdoors. So why not buy him a pleasant cozy hammock this time. Remember the first camping trip you had with your dad or the first fishing lesson? Bring back all those childhood memories and special moments that you shared with your father by giving him a perfect hammock present. What’s more? It gives you a good excuse to spend some quality time with your family this summer. I guess it is high time for one of those dad-son camping trips again.

5. Tote bag for the family-guy dad:

Dad loves shopping and buying stuff for home. Also, dad forgets to carry a bag with him to keep his stuff. So this year gift dad a special personalized tote bag, which he’ll never forget to carry. Then again, what better place to buy than ArtishUp? Nothing’s more suitable than a personalized father’s day themed bag. Best part is you can customize your design as per your need. Bring your creative side, think over those important memories of your dad and pick a perfect note for the design. So what are you waiting for? Get yours before it runs out of stock.

6. Chronograph watch for the timely dad:

These days technology is replacing everything. Everything is getting a digital swing; everything is getting old and outdated. But one ideal gift option that never grows old is an attractive chronograph watch. This season surprise your old man with an elegant vintage chronograph wrist watch for his taste of classic and minimalist design. In today’s fast paced tech savvy world a classy watch would turn out to be a great gift which will definitely bring back some of his younger day’s memories.

7. T-shirt for the trendy dad:

Does your dad follow all the fashion trends? Is he someone who’s popular in the neighborhood for his great dressing sense and trendy looks? Well then no better gift for him than a cool looking t-shirt. And no better place to buy than on ArtishUp. Their large collection created by independent artists will allow you to choose from hundreds of options. With those wide varieties of printed designed themed t-shirts, you can never go wrong. So this father’s day, a fashionable gift for the fashionable man. Look this example of shirt for dads that are coffee addicted:

8. Running shoe for the sporty dad:

For the people who are into fitness and workout, a pair of running shoe can be a really good gift. Is your dad getting older or growing out of shape? Then it is high time to hit the road with him, to make your dad fit again. And a running shoe pair serves perfectly for the purpose. Even for the young dads who just got into fatherhood it is a great present as most millennial are into exercise and fitness habits. So use those extra bucks that you had saved up for this occasion and buy him a nice pair of shoes.

Apart from the gift ideas mentioned above, you can always be creative and go out of your way to make him a personalized gift. Father’s day special gift cards, family photo collage, custom painting just for him are some of the cool ideas that you could use. Remember, it is not about the price of the gift that you are giving but the sentiments related to it and nothing beats a handmade gift made with lots of love and passion. While you’re at it, plan a family picnic or a small trip on the day. Keep in mind; it is your dad’s day to shine, so treat him like the king he is.

Happy father’s day to everyone.