Graphic Trends

Design Inspiration and Graphic Trends

Your sales success rises and falls with how trendy your designs are. If you capture trending topics with your designs, you’ll increase your chances of selling.

Watch this space to find regular updates on hot topics, fresh trends and notable events. We usually try to run campaigns in the time leading up to these occasions: use them to promote your designs! Let yourself be inspired and offer the designs that are most in demand.

Vivid Colors Shirt

Vivid colors

Intense, bright colors are mixed and accentuated. The result is a vivid image that seems to stands out prominently from the fabrics. Achieve super harmonious designs when applying three to six colors, which are combined following the color triangle.

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Color of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute sets color trends that have a major influence on all areas of design. The 2019 Color of the Year is called Living Coral and combines bright red with a light golden tinge.

Huge typography

Huge typography

Proverbs and statements on clothing and accessories continue to be in vogue. Especially popular are bold and large letters that emphasize motivating statements through the visuals.

Seasonal trends and holidays

In the following list, you’ll find seasonal topics and those with a country-specific significance that tend to create big search volumes. Important! Always get your tags right before publishing your designs on ArtishUp. We’ve already suggested at least one suitable tag for each topic.

Tip: Combining graphic trends with the topics from this table is a clever strategy. And don’t forget that social-media sharing can improve your exposure. Think “jogging” your followers memory by drawing attention to your designs.

 Occasion Date
Valentine's Day Feb 14th, 2019
International Women's Day Mar 08th, 2019
St Patrick's Day Mar 17th, 2019
Easter Apr 21st, 2019
School Graduation May - June
Mother's Day
May 12nd, 2019
Children's Day Jun 9th, 2019
Father's Day Jun 18th, 2019
Independence Day Jul 04th, 2019
Halloween Oct 31st, 2019
Thanksgiving Nov 28th, 2019
Christmas Dec 25th, 2019