Happy Chocolate Chip Day

Chocolate Chip Day

Today we recognize a morsel of a thing: it's National Chocolate Chip Day! Is there anything that makes everything better like chocolate? Obviously not, that’s why the ultimate in chocolate portability was designed, the chocolate chip. It all started at a little place you may recognize the name of, the Toll House Inn. Located in Whitman, Massachusetts, it just happens to be the home of that most favorite of cookies, the chocolate chip cookie. Ruth Graves Wakefield had originally planned on making a chocolate cookie, and decided to do so by throwing in chunks of a chocolate bar into it. In a happy accident, it turned out that the chocolate did not melt and mix with the rest of the cookie, but maintained its shape, filling the cookie with delicious little chocolate bits. Thus was born the chocolate chip cookie, and the Toll House Cookie Company!

Remember that Chocolate Chip Day isn’t just about cookies, it’s about all the things you can include chocolate chips in! Pancakes, muffins, pudding, ice cream, granola bars, pies, these are just a few of the wonderful creations you can add them to. The imagination is the only thing limiting what recipes chocolate can be used.

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