List of cute phone case styles and gift ideas for girls / women

Can you imagine living a week without your phone? No, right! That’s how important phones have become in our lives. But these days every other smartphone looks the same, with a sleek metal body and a thin frame. That is why the cool looking, trendy smartphone covers have become a style statement and a fashion accessory for the young people.

With everyone limiting themselves to the same brand, phone cases are great way to stand out of the crowd. Your phone case tells your story and reflects a bit of your personality. So here are few rubber phone case and flip cover case recommendations from ArtishUp to help you pick your next phone case.

1. Pattern Phone Cases:

Patterned cases are great as the number of options available is unlimited. You can go through hundreds of our patterned products, each with a unique and distinct design with a theme of your choice. Be it a holiday theme, floral or fruits, you name it and we have it, here on ArtishUp. The one in the picture is just one out of many. You can check this one out here and our other patterned phone cases as well.

2. Pineapple Phone Cases

Pineapples are just awesome. They taste great, they look great and they make for a very good phone case as well. One thing we all can agree upon, pineapple phone cases are super cool looking. They give the phone user such a hipster vibe and the phone a great look, that you can’t do anything but buy one. Such a trend setter this amazing fruit is.

As they say, “Be a pineapple and stand tall”, be like one & face all your problems up front. And while you are at it, don’t forget to buy a rubber phone case from our pineapple case collection

3. Polka dot Phone Cases

Most people like a cool looking pattern design case but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people tend to go for something that is more on a simplistic side yet has a solid dot structure design to it. Now you might like those small puppies or cute watermelon prints on your case but that may not be a thing for your dad.

So, if you’re planning a present for your minimalist design loving dad or mom, go for these polka dot design cases from ArtishUp. Simplistic design and perfect for gifts. You can buy the one in the picture from here. The case here is a rubber phone case which is a widely preferred choice but you can also go for a flip cover case as well.

4. Cat Phone Cases

Cats are adorable. They are the epitome of cuteness. And you know what’s equally cute? A cat design rubber phone case.

They are moody, cute & extremely curious. And that’s all the reason to buy a cat phone case, if you happen to have any of these qualities. Remember, your phone case tells your story.  

Even if you don’t have any of the kitty qualities, you can still buy one of these as they are so eye catchy and cute. Or it could be a perfect gift for your girl’s next birthday. Here’s our cat collection for you to pick.

Phone cases aren’t all for show and no use. With every next model phones are getting sleeker and thinner in design. That highly increases the chances of losing your phone and slipping out of grip. Rubber phone cases ensure your phone’s safety after a bad fall. Here, on ArtishUp you don’t have to worry about the quality of the case, as we use premium rubber phone case for every phone cover. We also do have a foldable cover section. And all these phone cases come at an affordable price point, so no worries for over spending.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with our phone case collection and take your fashion upgrade to the next level.