National Pretzel Day

I'm so knotty

It's #nationalpretzelday! A bag of nice crunchy, salty pretzels or a big, warm, soft, cinnamon pretzel is the question of the day. Either one is an excellent choice. Did you know... Pennsylvania is the center of American pretzel production for both hard and soft pretzels, producing 80% of the nation’s pretzels. National Pretzel Day began in 2003 when Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell declared April 26 “National Pretzel Day” to acknowledge the importance of the pretzel to thestate’s history and economy. 

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  1. Pretzels without salt are called “baldies”.

When you make fresh-baked pretzels as tasty as Pretzelmaker’s, sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles. Pretzelmaker is an incredible mall franchise because we can make an unsalted pretzel that will melt in your mouth. Yes, it’s that good!


  1. April 26 is National Pretzel Day.

Did you know that Pretzelmaker is the proud owner of National Pretzel Day? However, because we’re an incredible mall franchise, Pretzelmaker takes the pretzel world by storm all year long!

  1. The phrase, “tying the knot”, was inspired by pretzels.

Did you know that the original term for “tying the knot” was inspire by pretzels? In Switzerland, a newlywed couple breaks a pretzel on their wedding day and makes a wish for good luck.

Pretzelmaker is an incredible mall franchise because our pretzels are fresh-baked every single day. But that’s not all – our pretzels are even more mouth-watering with all of our toppings available such as salt, butter, cinnamon and sugar, ranch, garlic, jalapenos, and caramel crunch. These mouthwatering treats are delicious and loved by many.

  1. The largest pretzel in the world weighed 842 lbs.

This pretzel took the record of being the heaviest pretzel in the world. It was 26.8 feet long and 10.2 feet wide. Now that’s a big pretzel!

While Pretzelmaker’s pretzels aren’t quite that big, our pretzels are large and delicious. They come with a variety of flavors that you can choose from as well as a variety of dips you can pick from as well including: caramel, mustard, pizza sauce, cheddar sauce, and white icing.

  1. Americans eat around two pounds of pretzels each year, but Philadelphians eat an average of twelve pounds per year.

As an incredible mall franchise, Pretzelmaker has more than three-hundred locations throughout the United States and the world. We serve tens of thousands delicious pretzels every single day.