Perfect gift for the bachelorette party

So you’re planning for a bachelorette party for your sister or best friend and hung up on picking the right gift? Then this is the right place to be, as I just have the perfect gift idea for the would-be-bride.

Bachelorette party marks the end of the girl’s single hood; so make it special, make it fun, make it memorable for the lady with a beautiful present.

The perfect present: Tote bag

Women love bags in general; big, small, cute ones or designer ones and tote bags are just the perfect ones for every occasion. Not just you get to carry all your things in one bag but it also comes in different sizes and designs with wide variety of patterns. And what is better than a bachelorette party themed one like the one shown in the picture for the party? Here you can check it out.

At artishUp we have a wide range of tote bags to pick from. Here is the bachelorette tote bag collection from artishUp.

Why a tote bag

Tote bags come super handy while shopping, travelling or on a picnic or a trip. You can carry lots of items in one bag, be it food or makeup or any other accessory. The whole idea of a present is to give something that is useful and trendy; tote bag is something that makes it up for both.

Regardless of whether your girl is a mountain person or a beach person, the tote bag will always accompany her where ever she goes. Curious about the bag in the picture? Here you can buy it.


In the wedding there will be lot of expenses. And not everyone will be willing to spend much on a bachelorette party. But you have to buy gifts for everyone. So, what do you do? You buy something that is affordable as well as pretty useful; Pretty and useful. And tote bag is the best you can ask for. Not too expensive yet very useful and cute. Just look at the picture above. Cute, isn’t it? Check this bag here.


Now buying the gift for the bride and buying gifts for the ladies attending the party is different. You can look for different presents but that will take too much of your time and energy. But no worries; artishUp has the solution. When it comes to variety we have tons of eye catchy prints and designs to pick from. Why even bother buying different gifts when you can buy the same and special present for everyone with different and stunning designs at a very pocket friendly price point.


Bachelorette party is all about celebrating your life before the beginning of a new chapter; that is marriage. And no better way to spend last few days of your old life than being with your closest friends and having lots of fun.

Sometimes the bride gets caught up in the wedding planning, so much so that she doesn’t get anytime to relax and enjoy those remaining days of her pre-marriage life. That is why bachelorette party is important for every woman to honour her single life. So start preparing for your best friend or sister’s bachelorette party, to make it fun and memorable with games, lots of food & drinking, dancing, partying and giving presents.